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The following titles are in various stages of planning or production.

Cabaret of Chum

This definitive anthology of Subminimalist Master Jason Henninger’s absurdist poetry will be published in the autumn. This collection includes selections from “The Sensitive Haircut” and “Rake Seeks Ho”.

Kaspar Hauser has written a moving and nearly coherent forward to this masterwork.

The Annotated Chambers

After many years, our publication of Robert Chambers’ The Annotated King in Yellow is nearly at hand. We swear. Indexing continues apace, and we anticipate a winter release. Of course, in the case of this particular project, planning has often gone horribly awry.

Out of Print Titles

Title Description
A Voyage to Leonia (Unabridged)    limited edition book
Litanies of Hastur limited edition chapbook
Tuesday limited edition chapbook
Curse of the Yellow Veil limited edition chapbook
Arcanum limited edition chapbook
Cruenti Dei: Tethys Play by mail strategy game

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