How to Join

So you want to play Cruenti Dei. Why, nothing could be simpler to join, or more challenging to win.

  1. Purchase the Cruenti Dei: Sahûl Rule book.
  2. You may wish to purchase the Atlas of the Known World. Otherwise, you can rely on the low-res downloadable maps.
  3. If you are playing in Oratoa, you should purchase the Oratoa Campaign Guide.
  4. You should also purchase or download a copy of the Rules Supplement and Errata.
  5. Download the latest Chronicle (for Sahûl) or Annals (for Oratoa) to determine which positions are open
  6. Choose a position and e-mail Sardarthion with your choice
  7. Pay for some Turns

At this point, you will receive the Results sheet for the country you have chosen. You can start your orders right away!

All players are, of course, encouraged to sign up for the Cruenti Dei forum.






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