Cruenti Dei

The Known World

Cruenti Dei is a game of magic, diplomacy, and conquest in the epic fantasy tradition.

Each player begins the game in control of a Realm preparing for conquest. By force of arms, sorcery and intrigue, the player’s Realm expands, always under the watchful eye of its patron god.

Vast armies clash on the field of battle, and steel rings upon steel as eldritch power crackles through the air above.

Who shall prove victorious? You? Or the powers who oppose you? Only time and the gods may tell…

The known world of Cruenti Dei is divided into two continents: Sahûl to the south, and Oratoa in the north.

Imperial Sahûl

The continent-wide Empire of cold southern Sahûl continues to decline even as its technology and culture flower. For thousands of years, the three Kindreds of Malebolge, Saurian, and Wenemet have worked, loved, and fought here.

The four great religions have more or less been kept at peace – as much by the idea of empire as by the empire itself.

But those days of peace and prosperity are now a fading memory, as the increasingly powerless Emperor struggles to keep his vassals in line, while a new generation of aristocracy sharpen their wits – and their knives – in the ancient halls of snow-shrouded Sardarthion.

New armies are being raised, armed with musket and cannon, and commanded by a new breed of captain not afraid to use them.

Barbarian Oratoa

Oratoa is the broadsword to Sahûl’s rapier – a warm, sunny continent steeped in mystery and deep in the embrace of an Heroic Age.

It is both far older and much younger than the civilizations to the south, inhabited by the ancient Eldar and their children the Elves, as well as by the new Kingdoms of Humans.

It is a land of adventure, where the great sagas are still being written, where Heroes and Shieldmaidens quest for lost artifacts and dragons to slay, where the very gods still walk among men.

Oratoa is under assault from without and within, as heroes answer the call to fight the southern invaders – or to join with them in battle against an enemy who may seek the destruction of the world itself.

ChariotMysterious Efan

A new land has been discovered to the east.

Explorers from Sahûl have made contact with a new continent of Humans, who seem to be in thrall to a mysterious ruler known as “the Son of the Sun”. It is a land of strange gods and seemingly overrun by great beasts and monsters.

Who are these people? What adventures await in this new land? Who or what is this “Son of the Sun”? The answers await the brave – or the foolhardy – in eastern Efan.


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