Sardarthion Press rose phoenix-like from the ashes of Dark Penguin Press in 2001. We are committed to publishing works of Lovecraftian fiction and quasi-fiction, authors of the Subminimalist Movement, and the literature of decay.

The Rise and Fall of the Dark Penguin

Dark Penguin Press was founded in 1985 as a publisher of chapbooks and role-playing supplements. For much of its existence, Dark Penguin’s primary revenue-generating product was Cruenti Dei, a monthly play-by-mail strategic fantasy game.

In the late 1990s, Dark Penguin became a strong proponent of Subminimalism, culminating in the publication of three issues of Carrion Flamingo: the journal of Subminimalist Movement in 2000.

Sadly, the fortunes of Dark Penguin were closely tied to the ongoing success of Cruenti Dei, and when the game ended, the end of Dark Penguin quickly followed.

Into the New Millennium

Sardarthion Press was founded in 2001 and soon acquired the catalogue (and staff) of the dying Dark Penguin. We briefly used Dark Penguin as an imprint for the publication of chapbooks; the last of these was The Litanies of Hastur in 2003.

Sardarthion continued publication of Carrion Flamingo on a quasi-quarterly basis through 2005.

Cruenti Dei: Sahûl began in November 2007.

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